“Now Who Is Derrick Esmond…”

“Hey, thanks for stopping by! My name is Derrick Esmond, and if you’re looking for honest information about making serious money from the comfort of your own home, then you’ve come to the right place.

I created this site for the purpose of connecting with other like-minded people by
allowing them to get to know me a little better and to have a place for me to
share my thoughts and insights that most people never learn about making
money online.

The internet has done an amazing job of bringing people together, but one of the
regrets I have is that I’m not able to sit down with you face to face and get to
know you right at this moment.


So for now, this website is my good faith effort towards earning your trust and
hopefully building a relationship with you. It’s the opportunity to reach out and
help as many people as I can that really drives me.

The way I’ve laid things out is I’m gonna first give you a little background info on myself and who I am (and how I can help you), and then I’ll share what I’m doing to generate additional income from the comfort of my home.

There’s no magic to what I do or what I’ve accomplished. I just keep an open
mind and try lots of things. Some work out, some don’t. People that know me know I’m an easygoing, down-to-earth, quite type of guy who’s fascinated with science, entrepreneurship, personal development , and the unknown.

I have no special techie skills and I’m not a computer geek. I know
it seems like everyone you read about online has the same sob rags to
riches story, but my story’s a little different.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and I didn’t one day just stumble
into a goldmine opportunity that started flooding my bank account with millions
overnight. Not even close… I come from an average, working-class family.

Things weren’t always easy for me. As a kid, I was shy and introverted when it came to social situations. I made friends easily, but experienced many moments of frustration.

I now see it as just part of my journey of personal growth. And even though I’m
still an introvert by nature, I’ve been able to break free from my self-imposed prison of shyness.

Nashvill, TN

I was born in Nashville,TN still here been here all my life. I like to travel to many places. I do think that i have been to just about all the states maybe only missing like 2 lol…

No I’m not a big country music fan i have worked all kinds of jobs , like trash man, co officer, cook at pizza hut, trash tech in hospital, cook at McDonald’s, a cna in hospital, nursing home , people home, now ready mix operator.

We like to go out and hang with my friends either at the sports bar, play darts, old school club, out to eat ( olive garden, red lobster, golden coral ,panda house , mixed grill ,Mongolian )

I’m not a big sports fan but my wife is and we ride with detroit lions. My all time favorite player of all time just happen to played for the lions #20 Barry Sanders baby lol…

I like to stay busy doing things that will make me a better me so i tend to find my self reading and studying different things from time to time. I find my self having to tell my self no to be lazy ,staying at home and not going to the gym but i have not gained the will power to say no to food lol..

I’m really good at helping others get unstuck with emotional blocks they are dealing with in their life family, friends, ect… I enjoy reading about psychology in relation to network marketing, personal development ,or success.

Me my wife paris, my son dave bands, my daughters new-new and big des enjoy the time we get to spend together. Mainly on Saturday evening or Sunday or if i happen to get a off day do to weather.

My son he loves basketball and he is really good at it. Now i try to get out there with him and when i do im like time out time out lol. I just have to laugh at my self cause i just don’t have it like i use to.

He loves shoes so much he got into customizing and refurbishing old and new shoes. He is really good at this. He is what i call a shoe artist and does some really good work only 17.

Now my wife she just flat out more than any thing just loves being a mother and in the reality shows ,cooking shows, and anything the kids are into hands down. She will even get out there and play basketball. She once told me she wanted to be papa Smurf lol. She loves family and all that comes with it.


Where i work for now

Professionally, I’m a Ready Mix Truck Operator, and got involved in home-based

opportunities in 2005 as a way to supplement my income. The main problem always run into is not having the time freedom to do the things I really want to do or be apart of. I gotta tell you it sucks!

Let me paint you a picture. I get up to the most annoying alarm clock in the world most days i just want to wait until i’m tired of sleeping. I think the person who made my alarm clock had the intention of really ruining somebody’s day and used that sound to accomplish his goal I’ll give him a A+.

I get up and shower and put on my uniform. I never have a set time to be at work it could be 2am 6:38am 4:52am 9:30am just all over the place. Then I have to get in my car and sit in wall to wall traffic to get to work if I have to be at work at 7am i have to leave at like 5:45am so up by 5am. Now any thing before 5:30am smooth sailing but less time with my boo.

I live about 12 miles from my job but it takes me 45 min to get to work if i leave the house after 5:30am sleeping in or coming to work late is not a good idea. When I get there I have to go through pretrip inspection just to get my day going which mean cold or hot i have to climb up on top of a really big truck every day like im king kong lol.

My main thing over all just not making enough money to save for kids school , our retirement, not having enough family time because im mostly just too tired getting off at 9pm and having to be back at 5:45am can really wear you down.

Just tired of not being able to do the things i know should be doing or would love to be doing fore my family. All of that changed when I discovered there is no short cut to providing real value some are able to move faster from your perspective but everyone is hooked buy….

Liking , Knowing , and Trusting a person – place – or thing.


Yes! “I finally found something
to fix this problem of ours?!?!?!? Halleluiah!”

With so many work-at-home opportunities out there,
how do you find the right one?

That’s the $64,000 question, right?

Well, I’ve researched, tested, and invested in the best home-based money
making opportunities I can find… and more importantly, the ones that
actually work for everyday people.

One advantage you have by being exposed to this information is that I’ve made a lot of expensive mistakes that you don’t have to.


Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

Call me anytime, I’d be happy to talk with you and answer any of your questions. No matter whether it’s about how to generate weekly cash-flow working from home, or how to get better results in a current business you might be in, I’d be happy to help in any way that I can.

Either way, I hope you find some value, some things to ponder about, to be
inspired by, or otherwise leave you feeling that it was worth investing your time to stop by.

Whether we do business together or not, I hope you find all the success that you

Derrick Esmond
Derrickesmond (at) yahoo.com

If you gain nothing more from my site i leave this for you, your life ,and your dreams…